Date: 05/05/2015
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Project Summary: Odds Ration in SPSS, *****USE TEMPLATE PROVIDE FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS AND SUBMISSION***** This week, you have been introduced to several concepts of logistic regression, specifically the odds ratio. In this Application, you will report the odds ratio in a given test. **This means that you still have to complete a logistic regression analysis but you concentrate on the odds ratio part of the analysis. Your assumptions and sample size sections should be about the logistic regression test.** You will be able to use these again in your Week 9 stats assignment as long as you make corrections based on the feedback I give you on your Week 8 assignment. To prepare for this Application: Review Chapter 19 of the Field text for a description of logistic regression and the odds ratio. Review the media resources demonstrating the odds ratio. Complete Smart Alex's Task #5 on p. 812 of the Field text. Include only Burnout as the DEPENDENT variable and Coping Style and Stress from Teaching as the two INDEPENDENT variables. Report the odds ratio ONLY. The written portion of your paper should be between 2-3 pages long. You have to copy and paste your SPSS syntax and output at the end of your paper. DO NOT copy and paste a table from the SPSS output and paste it into your written report for your table. These are not APA formatted and you will get 0/10 points for this if you do this. Again, make sure that you go to the course guide that I provided you in week 1 for helpful hints that will assist you in doing well on this assignment.