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Project Summary: DISCUSSION 4 (D4) FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Quote Because the projects place in the parent organization is often not well defined and does not seem to fit neatly in any one functional division, neither is the PMs place neatly defined.As a result, the PM is not a competent overseer and thus has a different role. The PM is a facilitator. --- Project management in practice. Definition Functional: adjective functional \f(k)-shnl, -sh-nl\ : designed to have a practical use : working properly Pros & Cons Merits of Functional Organization Specialization: Better division of labor takes place which results in specialization of function and its consequent benefit. Effective control: Management control is simplified as the mental functions are separated from manual functions. Checks and balances keep the authority within certain limits. Specialists may be asked to judge the performance of various sections. Efficiency: Greater efficiency is achieved because of every function performing a limited number of functions. Economy: Specialization compiled with standardization facilitates maximum production and economical costs. Expansion: Expert knowledge of functional manager facilitates better control and supervision. Demerits of Functional Organization Confusion: The functional system is quite complicated to put into operation, especially when it is carried out at low levels. Therefore, co-ordination becomes difficult. Lack of coordination: Disciplinary control becomes weak as a worker is commanded not by one person but a large number of people. Thus, there is no unity of command. Accountability: Because of multiple authority, it is difficult to fix responsibility. Conflicts: There may be conflicts among the supervisory staff of equal ranks. They may not agree on certain issues. Cost: Maintenance of specialists staff of the highest order is expensive for a concern. Discussion Question In your experience with Project Management, list three ways how the changing dynamics of the traditional methods of management place an emphasized challenge on the current professional practice of project management. Reply to at least two other posts. References 2015 Management Study Guide. Functional organization. Retrieved November 12, 2015 from http://managementstudyguide.com/functional_organization.htm Merriam-Webster, Incorporated (2015). Functional. Retrieved November 13, 2015 from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/functional