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Project Summary: need someone answer all questions related this case. make sure to follow the instructions. General instructions: Here are some general guidelines: Do not include a case summary. Focus on answering the questions. Use facts from the case only to build your arguments or to back up your rationale. Avoid including facts from the case just to prove that you read it. Write in executive format, not in essay form. Assume that you are writing to an executive of the company who has asked you to solve a problem or provide a recommendation. In most cases there is no single right answer; rather, I will evaluate the thoughtfulness and rigor of your analysis. Questions related The ITC eChoupal Initiative Case: 1) Who are the key stakeholders in ITC's initiative to implement the eChoupal project? Briefly justify your claim by explaining what's at stake for them. 2) The case states that ITC eChoupal was a success so far. What classic mistakes did ITC avoid in implementing the eChoupal? Use lessons from the Nelson article on Classic Mistakes to build your case. 3) What have you learned from this article about IT implementations that will help you in your future involvement in IT projects? Notice that: 1- maximum 3 double-spaced pages long 2- No citations needed.