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Cisco Packet Tracer build a switch and router network
Date Posted: 22/04/2021
Category: Computer Science
Due Date: 26/04/2021
Willing to Pay: $95.00
In this lab you will create a NEW Packet Tracer network. This is a comprehensive lab to review previously covered IOS commands. In this lab, you will cable equipment then configure the devices. After the configurations have been saved, you will verify your configurations by testing for network connectivity. Start Cisco Packet Tracer Drag and drop the Required Resources (router, switch, PCs) into the workspace Configure the devices Use Ping and Show commands to confirm connectivity Save your Packet Tracer network Submit it here The questions are to help you learn the material, submitting the answers is not required for this lab. Submit your completed lab here. YOU must have the latest version of cisco packet tracer installed to complete this assignment. (please see attached file)
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