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Spanish Project
Date Posted: 19/06/2021
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For the final oral/written assignment in this course, you will develop a presentation on a topic. You will choose a topic which relates to Spanish in some way. This can also be something mentioned previously in the course or a topic from the culture section of the book. Keep in mind that if you choose a topic previously introduced, you must do more research and bring new information. Below are some suggestions: recent news (bbcmundo.com is a good source) music art sports food, entertainment, etc. a place you would like to visit/ have visited introduce a friend/family member you know from a Spanish-speaking country and a little about their family/culture helping Spanish patients in a hospital setting Other topics are possible. Please ask if you are questioning whether your chosen topic is appropriate for this assignment. Preparing Your Presentation - Language/Scripting CAUTION: DO NOT SIMPLY WRITE YOUR SCRIPT IN ENGLISH AND PLUG IT INTO AN ONLINE TRANSLATOR! Below are suggested structures you could include in your presentation. You do not have to follow these, but they can be a helpful guideline. Use simple language, expressions, gestures and pictures to communicate your ideas. To start presentation: Hola, me llamo ________. Hoy hablo de _________ (topic). Describe pictures by saying what things are: Esto es ______________ (this is....) Es una foto de ______________. Tiene (It has) ______________. Es ____________ (use adjectives) color, size, good qualities, negative qualities, etc. Look at adjectives from chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4 Es de _______________ (It’s from…./It’s made of…) Connect ideas with transition words: también : also pero: but y: and ¿Por qué es interesante?/¿Por qué te gusta? Es interesante porque __________________. Me gusta porque __________________. If you need to use a new vocabulary word or phrase, you may put the translation in English on your slides. Preparing Your Presentation - Communication/Presenting Your completed presentation should be between 3-4 minutes. You may use notecards, but do not simply read your presentation. Engage your audience and use pictures to show and tell about your topic.
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