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i want an essay about the topic bel......

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i want an essay about the topic below ` 2 pages`, and please answer all questions in the essay

In 1969, the Weather Underground Organization is formed by the radical wing of the Students for a
Democratic Society (SDS) in Chicago. From 1970 to 1980, the organization operated in a clandestine, underground
fashion. Identify, analyze, assess and interpret the goals, aspirations, and consequences of the Weather
Underground. How does the Weather Underground represent a heightened period of revolutionary activity both
home and abroad, and how these attempts by the Weathermen are related to similar attempts in Latin America? In your answer, please provide the historical antecedents of the period, i.e., the global context of a possible Revolution (both home and abroad), as well as describing the role the State (both the US and Latin America) played in these efforts.

and here are some references might help

Takaki, Ronald. A different mirror: A history of multicultural America. New York: Little, Brown & Co.,

Zinn, Howard. A peoples history of the United States: 1492-present. New York: Harper Collins, 2003.
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