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Date Posted: 14/11/2017
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Future Career Planning Career Planning and Lifelong Learning Assignment An engineering and/or technology graduate should be able to continue to develop as a learner and thinker in his or her professional life. This assignment is designed to help you think about your career goals after graduation, your long-term career plans, and the concept of lifelong learning. For this assignment, please prepare a paper of approximately 1000 words, using a double-spaced format. Your paper should address the four broad areas described below. The bulleted items are suggested topics to help you develop your ideas, but you may add your own ideas as well. Your paper should be written to form a satisfying whole on the subject of your future career and lifelong learning in your profession, rather than as a series of separate answers to the required areas. In addition to content (topics below), your paper will also be assessed on purpose, organization, support, style, conventions, and use/citation of outside sources. Broad topics to be included in your paper: 1. Lifelong learning - Define and discuss the concept of “lifelong learning” and the need for it. - As you progress through your career, in what ways do you believe that your learning will continue? How will you make this happen? - How will you know learning has occurred, or whether more learning is needed? - Evaluate your current ability to learn independently in your field. Give an example. 2. Professional societies and organizations - What professional societies or organizations are available in your field or your community and what are the requirements for membership? - What are the advantages of joining or disadvantages of not joining these organizations? - How might you be involved/participate beyond basic membership? 3. Credentials and continuing education - Identify and discuss the different types of credentials (licensure, registration, certification, etc.) or further degrees that are available in your future profession and how to obtain/maintain them. - Define and discuss appropriate continuing education in your field, either formal or informal, how to obtain it, and the need for it. 4. Short- and long-term career plans. - Describe your career goals after graduation and your long-term career aspirations. - What is your plan to meet these career goals and aspirations Your report must include the above information as a MINIMUM, and make sure you properly include citations for any necessary information, and you MUST have references!!! Don't hesitate to have some sort of creativity involved with this assignment, but take this seriously, give good solid information, and actually give this some thought to aid you in gaining some insight and direction of your post-graduation plans. and you will but i will graduate in 2018 spring
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