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Date Posted: 14/11/2017
Category: Engineering
Due Date: 17/11/2017
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Now that we have completed various segments of material related to your job search (resume, cover letter, goals, abilities, etc.) we can take all of these elements and amalgamate them into a single unit known as the 'digital portfolio' or 'electronic resume'. A digital portfolio offers so much more information than just a traditional resume/cover letter combo due to the inclusion of items such as: Traditional and scannable versions of resume Cover letter style of overview of material Skills, abilities, marketable traits Accomplishments Examples of work (projects completed, CAD drawings, programming code examples, etc.) Research, publications, presentations Honor and awards Letters of recommendation References Licenses and certifications Etc. All of these items allow more information to be transferred, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. By having visual items that spur conversation, this allows you a chance to inform the prospective employer of your duties and talents that were required of you to complete the given task. These are merely mechanisms to allow you to inform them of your capability and capacity to a greater level of detail, or otherwise, sell yourself a little bit more. In the end, that is essentially what you are doing, a sales review for a prospect employer. They want to know "what can you do for me". Think of it as buying a car. The car has a detailed item listing of all options and items of the car, mileage estimates, and price. You would never buy a car without this added level of detail, and no employer will offer you a job without the proper level of detail as well. Read and review the following website that discusses the production of a virtual portfolio for some helpful hints. Website #1 - Digital Portfolio http://www.quintcareers.com/job_search_portfolio.html Keep in mind that this should be a living document. As students you will not have as much info as I would after 20 years of experience to include. But keep in mind, that you should keep updating this document over time so that you can use it over the course of your ENTIRE career, and the information is pertinent and accurate. So this is just version 1.0, with many levels of addition to come over the years. For this assignment you are to produce a virtual/digital portfolio that includes all necessary and pertinent information related to your major as shown above and discussed in the websites. This can be completed in two manners: 1) a highly polished PowerPoint presentation, 2) actually build a working website from one of the free/cheap web providers. While the data and material are pretty straight forward, the style and context you use to create your virtual portfolio can be highly influenced by great creativity. So think in terms of conservatively wild. Wild enough it is original and sharp, but not so sharp that it will turn people off as being 'over the top'. Please post your PPT files and or working web addresses to the proper discussion board prior to the deadline for others to benchmark your projects. Also, if there are items posted soon enough for you to review, please do so, but as this is the last assignment and often the projects will not show up until the last minute, I DO NOT require you to respond to anyone. But look at others work for good ideas and items you may have potentially omitted. I have attached a copy of an electronic portfolio from a previous semester. This is going to be one of the items that will definitely give you a heads up on the competition when it comes to currently finding work, or looking for new work down the road. DISTANCE STUDENTS: You are required to add a voice-over narration to your PowerPoint, since you will not be presenting in class. ON-CAMPUS STUDENTS: You will share your PowerPoint as an oral presentation in class during the Final exam period.
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