Essay (20%)

Due: July 31 (at midnight)

Write an essay of about 1000 words (about 4-5 pages) on one of the following topics. Use at least one secondary source to support your analysis. Also, you are encouraged to use the readings assigned/course material to support your arguments.

You should have a central idea—a thesis—for the whole essay – an argument that is original, relevant, and specific. Thus, instead of just parroting my question and saying something obvious like, “The films we’ve watched in this class have changed cinema by challenging our thoughts,” you should try to narrow the focus to something specific about the film. Also, please refer to specific examples in the films that you’re writing about.


Option 1: Analyze how two of the films we watched this year that have been reflections of their society. How have film movements supported filmmaking and shaped the ways filmmakers tell their stories?


Option 2: How has Neorealism been instrumental in the development of World Cinema? In which ways has it supported and been influential in other film movements across the globe? Use examples of two other global films watched in class.


Excellent (5)

Good (3-4)

Needs Improvement (2)

Below Expectations (1)


Does the paper have a clear and strong argument? Does it reconsider the chosen topic with a strong individual vision?

The thesis is clearly stated and represents a strong position. The thesis is general and could be more specific. The paper has a topic but not a thesis. The paper does not have a clear focus or topic. Thesis is weak.


Is the paper clearly and tightly structured and easy for the reader to follow? Are paragraphs sequences logical and transitions clarify relationships of ideas?

The paper is clearly and carefully organized, with previews and transitions. Paragraph sequence is logical. The paper is generally organized and clear. Transitions clarify relationships of ideas. The paper is only loosely organized. Transitions are lacking. The paper has no clear structure, order or plan. Some repetition or irrelevant areas.


Does the writer present substantial and credible evidences /film analysis to support the argument?

The paper offers plentiful, detailed, subtle and strongly relevant evidence/film analysis The paper offers substantial evidence/film analysis to support the argument. The paper offers evidence/film analysis but it could be more complete or relevant. The writer offers thoughts, opinions and hearsay but not solid evidence/film analysis.


Is the paper neat and free from grammatical and typographical error?

The paper is free from mechanical defects and shows a sense of personal style, too. Discussion is coherent. The paper is largely free of mechanical errors. Discussion is coherent. The paper contains some errors in grammar, syntax and/or spelling. Points of discussion may have lapses in development. There are significant lapses in grammar, syntax, spelling and/or presentation. Discussion lacks coherence.

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