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Am a versatile writer currently doing my PhD with over ten years experience in Academic work. I believe in helping the scholars to the best of my efforts with sincerity. I provide well researched, proper formatted work with NO PLAGIARISM I also have a great zeal in helping the students attain excellent grades. I keep a keen eye on instructions and adhere to the set time frame and I am always open to suggestions and improvements from the scholar's side..

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05/10/2017 I have a history class ( US history since 1877 ) $100 23 Live
05/10/2017 research paper on human right violation in Haiti $25 25 Live
04/26/2017 The inquiry should be about a public administrative $60 14 Live
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01/05/2015 Why might a profitable motel shut down in the long Assigned
01/27/2017 i need one page essay about conserve water and talk Assigned
02/05/2017 law please find attached the instructions to the as Assigned
02/06/2017 1 Page Philosophy Assigned
02/09/2016 After you have searched the web and collected artic Assigned
02/12/2017 1) ANALYSIS PAPER: Will you be presented with fin Assigned
02/15/2016 Assigned
02/16/2016 I have a writing assignment in Employment Law class Assigned
02/18/2016 I need a Research critique in APA format. It is for Assigned
02/19/2016 I want to write about your thoughts and i want it a Assigned
02/24/2014 Psychology outline and powerpoint presentation alon Assigned
03/02/2015 (Business Computer Applications) Using your favo Assigned
03/06/2017 The purpose of this activity is to increase your un Assigned
03/12/2014 I attached three papers, they will explain clearly Assigned
03/18/2014 I have this exam that I want it to be solved Assigned
03/19/2016 3 pages explanatory summary about specific theme of Assigned
04/01/2014 Design an original lesson for students in the first Assigned
04/01/2016 flow the instruction and choose any topic Assigned
04/02/2014 stocktrack explanations for 14 stocks already bough Assigned
04/06/2016 ASAP I'll check if there any plagiarism make sur Assigned
04/06/2017 Ethical Systems/Final Research Paper Using the wri Assigned
04/18/2014 Florida virtual school 0.5 credit course for world Assigned
04/23/2017 i have an assignment which is Religion Research Assigned
04/24/2015 hi, I want to write for me a 5 papers for Micro Assigned
05/04/2014 I need to revise this paper " Behavior Intervention Assigned
05/19/2015 Accounting!! (Wiley plus). Need someone to do 3 cha Assigned
06/02/2015 i want 10 pages of research paper and the topic is Assigned
06/06/2015 Research peeper for History class. I have had enou Assigned
06/10/2015 What is American exceptionalism? Provide a general Assigned
06/22/2016 Hey, i need someone to do this assignment for me. Assigned
06/25/2015 Assigned
07/06/2016 Case Analysis - Toyota: Driving The Mainstream Assigned
07/07/2016 Create a chart like the one attached for the key sc Assigned
09/16/2014 2-3 double page essay (DUE IN 24 HOURS) Assigned
10/14/2015 For your final project you will build on your exper Assigned
10/28/2015 article review in the newspaper about disabilityRHD Assigned
11/03/2015 i have article and i want you to read it first, aft Assigned
11/04/2014 Online English Comp 1&2. No deadlines. Straighterl Assigned
11/07/2015 Rumor Explanatory Synthesis. Due after 60 hours fro Assigned
11/14/2015 I have online class intro psychology and its includ Assigned
11/17/2013 Need help with writing this paper. Is anyone intere Assigned
11/19/2013 I have Management Statistics assignment based in re Assigned
11/19/2016 research for 8 pages on Saudi Arabia Economic Assigned
11/21/2015 i need help with my Sociology class, it's an essay Assigned
11/23/2015 research about splitting the second I already have Assigned
11/24/2015 Hey there, I have a simple assignment it won't Assigned
11/29/2013 I need someone to write combined analysis and updat Assigned
11/30/2013 Select student academic content standards that appl Assigned
12/01/2014 from the book '' syntax generative introduction'' Assigned
12/02/2014 I want 2 pages about this event. Assigned
12/03/2014 hi i have research paper, i need from you Select Assigned
12/06/2015 Argumentative Essay: (at least 800 words, plus a Wo Assigned
12/06/2015 The prompt is attached Assigned
12/10/2014 This paper should turn in 10th of Dec 1:30 pm, tomo Assigned