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POSTED BELOW ARE THE SCENARIOS HAVE TO BE ORGINAL WITH REFERENCES!!!!!! 3-4 PARAGRAPHS!!!! PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS!!! Which scenario did you find most plausible and believable? Why? Looking at your long-term strategic goals for your organization, how might any one of these scenarios impact your organization and community? Imagine: a world of intelligence This is a society where people are fully aware of the threats to the future, such as climate change, but have an unshakeable belief in the power of science, technology, and free markets to make life better. It is a mind-blowing new world of technical challenges and radical inventiveness and re-engineering, where everything is connected to everything else; a fast-paced, sci- future of genetic manipulation, avatar assistants, virtual buildings, robotic soldiers, articial intelligence, quantum computing, hotels on the Moon, nanotechnology, and geoengineering, all ultimately driven by, and reliant on, free-market capitalism. Fundamentally, it is a world driven by human imagination and inventiveness. e speed and depth of change in this world is breathtaking. e internet, for example, looks nothing like it did in 2012. Clean technology is booming, especially nano-solar; fusion power is coming online; and food and water shortages have been addressed by the use of smart technology. Automation means that the pace of everyday life is accelerating, while digitalisation, virtualisation, miniaturisation, and ubiquitous connectivity mean that whole industries are being turned upside-down, and people are starting to question what reality really is. is exponential rate of change makes some individuals, especially older people of which there are now many rather anxious. But overall, life is good, although in many instances it is no longer life as we know it today. Please Please Me: a world of greed This is, in many ways, the society that we had become so used to during the long boom (19912007) prior to the nancial c

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