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I am a competent tutor and writer. I have majored in accounting, business finance, and Essay writing and I have adequate experience in essay writing. I provide quality and timely work for my clients. I look forward to working with you in you assignments, projects, or any other academic work.

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01/29/2017 I neesd to Identified specific, measurable goals to Assigned
02/09/2016 I have a calc 4 assignment that needs to be done im Assigned
02/09/2017 Answer the listed questions only: Describe the c Assigned
02/09/2017 "Other than not to harm others, do we owe any ethic Assigned
02/12/2016 Up down Financial analysis. 2 pages. Due today Assigned
02/18/2016 I have a business low class and i got business ANSW Assigned
02/26/2017 -Buisness Communications BA 3350 -BUISNESS MAJOR/ Assigned
03/08/2017 Based exclusively on the PowerPoint slides of Topic Assigned
03/10/2017 A firm's beta can be estimated from the slope of th Assigned
03/14/2016 Write a script to backup a list of files in C shell Assigned
03/14/2017 documentary essay about satellite dishes in Iran. 8 Assigned
03/14/2017 Why has Walmart viewed international expansion as a Assigned
03/24/2017 I want someone to write me a one page about marijua Assigned
03/29/2014 college level micro economics. Online quizzes/tests Assigned
03/30/2017 I need someone to answer these questions in the fil Assigned
04/05/2014 Application papers (15%) The primary objective of t Assigned
04/05/2016 I have 7 chapters and each have a few questions I n Assigned
04/05/2017 I want my essay to be basic as high school THE DUE Assigned
04/08/2017 You will watch a short video tape The Lorax by Dr. Assigned
04/11/2017 I need help and suggestion about my paper Assigned
04/14/2017 need this done Assigned
04/14/2017 read the pages from 66 - 75 and fallow the attict Assigned
04/16/2017 i want 3 page and half pages for my completely essa Assigned
04/20/2016 Hi, I need someone to write a humanities research p Assigned
04/22/2016 Write one page from each war, World War I, World Wa Assigned
05/01/2015 Hello, please write two fully pages about any event Assigned
05/02/2015 I need a 3-4 page essay on Toni Morrison's book Bel Assigned
05/02/2016 i need one page an article review about : Taj Mahal Assigned
05/11/2015 i have an essay about Assault, Battery & Other Pers Assigned
05/29/2016 5-7 mins business related (bribes) informative pres Assigned
06/16/2015 J.Bull(ENGL) Business Report Please open the Assigned
06/22/2016 Go to the following link for the City of Quincy, MA Assigned
07/11/2016 Narrative essay Directions- Choose one of the top Assigned
07/20/2016 Hi , I just need words definition and 2 questions f Assigned
07/22/2016 Assigned
08/05/2016 Hello, I have an assignment that is 3 pages only, I Assigned
09/02/2015 Complete 53 multiple choice questions. (open book p Assigned
09/04/2016 I need help writing my English papers through out t Assigned
09/17/2016 -Think back over conversations you have had with fr Assigned
09/26/2016 please answer this homework now i need it now pl Assigned
09/27/2016 Theater Assigned
09/27/2016 Http:// based on thi Assigned
09/27/2016 homework in intro engineering tech math do in 10 Assigned
10/02/2016 I need the Test Bank for this book {Counseling a Assigned
10/06/2016 accounting project. I will attach the requirements. Assigned
10/07/2016 I have a project I Need it to do this Deisgne an Assigned
10/09/2016 Performing the Review (Word track changes/comments Assigned
10/17/2015 I need someone write the same essay but Dif Assigned
10/17/2016 I hw to do about my information to table like the P Assigned
10/18/2016 Trig Quiz 10 questions Assigned
10/28/2015 i need a powerpoint for my speech that included 3 t Assigned
11/02/2014 Assigned
11/14/2016 Hi all, I have 2 -3 page report and need help with Assigned
11/17/2015 I need someone to help me with this finance/account Assigned
11/17/2015 I already have an essay but I need someone to add Assigned
12/01/2015 Check the attached and I need in Wednesday plese an Assigned
12/06/2016 My professor gonna graded based on thoroughness and Assigned
12/13/2014 This is an accounting assingment need to be done on Assigned
12/15/2016 i want an essay 200 into one body and a conclusion Assigned
12/20/2015 Hi I have this assignment which need to be done in Assigned