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I am a Graduate (second upper division) in Film and Theater Studies with proficient communication and writing skills. With most of my graduate level coursework being a research-oriented, I have as a result, acquired invaluable knowledge in professional academic work which is of great benefit in my occupation as an academic research writer. Besides sound training in my area of specialization, I am highly proficient in History, Political science, English, Literature, Sociology, Criminal Law, Business, Management, Marketing and Psychology. I am indisputably prompt, careful, thorough, and committed in delivering quality work. Finally, I am available 24/7 to respond to client demands.

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01/31/2017 hello, i have an essay to be fixed i have the notes Assigned
02/19/2017 Basic introduction to accounting and budgeting Assigned
02/26/2017 spaced, Times New Roman #12 font for each answer. Assigned
02/26/2017 Signature Assignment-Anatomy You are working as a h Assigned
02/27/2017 How would you define pluralism? Write a 3 pages ess Assigned
03/04/2017 The company is Southwest Airlines Use the foll Assigned
03/05/2017 Help me study for my midterm. we will be working to Assigned
04/08/2014 Find the answers for me for the Multiple choices qu Assigned
04/26/2016 need help with calc 1 homework. need it in 6 hours. Assigned
04/27/2016 Two Assignments Assigned
04/28/2016 this is a summary homework for the three questions Assigned
05/11/2015 hey, i need someone to do my homework , and be in t Assigned
11/08/2016 i have hw in world leatur i have done 6 example eas Assigned
11/14/2016 please find an article talk about international str Assigned
11/28/2016 I have attached part 2, use that to understand how Assigned
11/28/2016 Term Project Best Investment Idea In this proj Assigned
11/28/2016 I have questions i need answers for Assigned
12/05/2014 Read chapter 9 to find the best answers The name o Assigned
12/08/2016 paraphrase the paper. we have 7 Hours to get it don Assigned
12/11/2016 Powerpoint (Early/Medieval Christianity, The Renais Assigned