20 On-Campus Jobs to Boost Your Resume

During college life, students have to work part-time to meet their basic needs and also to set aside money for unexpected expenses. Turns out, there are lucrative jobs hiding on every college campus that provide beneficial career experience. The main advantage of an on-campus job is that it is a short distance from classrooms and dorms to the workplace. It will save plenty of time later on. Furthermore, college staff will always understand students’ problems and grant enough time to complete an urgent assignment or coursework.

There are some ordinary positions like a welcome desk ambassador or college tour guide, but the 20 jobs listed below are pretty common and can heighten students’ skills while making a little cash.

  1. Manage a school website
  2. Photoshop images for a college publication
  3. Tutor local and international students
  4. Assist your professor or some Ph.D. student
  5. Work as your college’s official photographer
  6. Become a Twitter brand ambassador for your school
  7. Do administrative office work
  8. Teach in your college’s daycare center
  9. Help to manage sport teams
  10. Become a DJ on a college radio station
  11. Work as a library assistant
  12. Produce a school play
  13. Write articles for your college newspaper
  14. Become a gym trainer
  15. Organize events for your school’s alumni association
  16. Work as a café manager
  17. Represent some company as its student ambassador in your college
  18. Help to grade students’ tests
  19. Assist the IT support department in your school
  20. Become a tax consultant for professors and students

Students seeking to get an on-campus job should directly contact the Student Employment Center of their college. It would not be out of place to ask professors for references or worthwhile advice.

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  1. Love this list! I was a gym trainer at my university and it really gave me a lot of good opportunity for a job after I graduated