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5 Tips On How To Be a Good College Roommate

Have you ever shared a room or condo with a stranger or friend, who was absolutely unbearable to live with? Having a flatmate can be a complicated experience, particularly when both roommates come from totally different backgrounds and values. The college students who are not as fortunate in the realm of housemates have to learn to cope with the challenges of sharing their tiny space with other people. If you are one of them, use the 5 tips listed below to forge a positive and amicable relationship with your roommate.

1.    Find a Good Flatmate

It might be appealing to choose a college flatmate based upon how friendly a person is, but you’re better off asking potential candidates about their daily habits and match it to yours. There are a few smart steps on how to do it. Prepare a list of issues which can bother you in the future. Find out more regarding their previous rental experience, opportunity to pay bills monthly, biological clocks, allergies, temperature preferences, mess and noise lever. Compare collected information and pick the most appropriate candidate for you.

2.    Create a Roommate Agreement

While not usually legally binding, a roommate agreement is a great way to assure that you and your flatmate are on the same page. Set aside 1-2 hours of time before moving day to draft it together. Both of you have to agree on the separation of the rent payment, monthly amount for utility charges, housekeeping responsibilities and cleaning duties. Don’t forget to write the rules about smoking, alcohol, parties and overnight guests. Afterwards, sign it and make 2 copies for each other.

3.    Respect Their Stuff

This may seem obvious, but it’s apparently the main reason why college roommates experience conflict. Are you sure your flatmate won’t mind if you take his or her boots for a morning jog? Don’t cross the line even if it seems something trivial for you. Always get permission before you borrow or use your roommate’s things.

4.    Offer Help

If you’re going to the grocery store, ask if your flatmate needs anything or wants to join you. It will allow him or her to see that you want to get along and grow closer. Offer assistance if you notice that your roommate is dealing with something. It won’t go unheeded and probably will be reciprocated later on.

5.    Cope with Problems as They Come Up

Don’t let emotions build up a wall between you and your flatmate. Dirty plates or poured coffee isn’t something to ruin a good relationship over. If you deal with troubles as they occur, improvements can be made at once instead of throwing passive aggressive hints his or her way. Compromise is the first rule of living together. Therefore, if you see that your flatmate is feeling tense, give him or her some space and postpone your weekly party.

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