5 Unconventional Study Tips that Actually Work

There are a lot of study tips you have probably heard a few times before, such as outline your notes or organize your study space. While those study tips and habits are beneficial, no college student craves to sit in the library for hours at a time just looking at their notes. We have prepared a list of five study tricks that may seem a bit weird but really work.

1.    Use Your Voice

Reading out loud can help you memorize information when studying. It can also aid you to catch any mistakes or typos in your written work. Try to record yourself explaining the difficult material to an imaginary audience. When you are done, playback the audio and listen to your own lecture. Don’t worry if it feels odd at first to talk aloud to yourself. After a while, you will get used to the sound of your own voice.

2.    Ignore a Study Break

Certainly, it is necessary to have study breaks for meals, workouts and other healthy activities to improve physical well-being and increase your productivity. But if you focus on a specific assignment and you are still in that study “bubble”, ignore a scheduled break and take it only when you are done with your important task. Being able to stay on track with studying without feeling overwhelmed is a great feeling, try to reach this mood once.

Changing your regular routine can give your studying a boost

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3.    Watch YouTube

If you are getting bored with your usual study routine, break it up by watching a YouTube video on a relevant topic. No matter what you are studying, there is a pretty good opportunity that someone has already made documentaries or recorded lectures about it. You can get insights, learn a thing or two, and it will be a superlative foundation for the classical learning process.

4.    Drink Water with a Straw

Most probably, you forget to stay hydrated while studying as many college students, but we know how to fix this bad habit. Drinking through a thin straw can aid you to absorb larger amounts of liquid in a shorter period of time. Plus, it makes it more approachable. Place a full glass of water on your desk to sip on while you work on your assignment. Bear in mind that when it gets below a determined point, you will get up and refill it.

5.    Get Uncomfortable

A major cause of falling asleep over your textbook is getting too comfortable. The main tip for this is simply not to study in bed because that is just asking for it. Instead, use bright lights, keep the temperature slightly cooler than normal or even get rid of your chair and stand up. The minor discomfort helps you stay alert and attentive when studying.

While these unconventional tips don’t replace attending lectures and having good study habits, they can supplement your hard work and aid you to ace your final exams.

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