5 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Professor

A good professor can make a college class worthwhile. And a bad one can easily ruin it. Whether they aren’t personable, are super strict, or just seem to dislike you for some reason, they can make a semester hell. To aid you to get through their lectures unscathed, here are five ways for you to deal with the difficult professor.

1.    Change Classes

If it is a course that is commonly taught by many professors, see if you can transfer to a different one. If you need the course to graduate, and it is a rare one, talk to your academic advisor as quickly as possible.

2.    Have Good Attendance

To avoid any unnecessary brushes with your professor, be punctual and arrive before your classes begin. Getting out of bed and going to class is not fun and easy. But if this professor that is so appalling sees that you are putting the effort in to come to their lectures, they will be more likely to aid you. Anyway, it is a good habit which you must cultivate within yourself in order to thrive at college.

3.    Find Someone Who Has Taken This Course Before

Ask your academic advisor if they can connect you with students who have previously taken the course to get help. They may have some useful tips and tricks to get on the professor’s good side.

4.    Talk to Your Professor

Visit your professor during office hours for extra help. On occasion, they may be of more aid to you in a one-on-one environment than they were in a classroom setting. Also, you can shoot your professor a quick email asking what you can expect from a test if there are any extra credit opportunities, and what sources they recommend for extra help.

5.    Get Help from an Online Tutor

Often, a professor is “difficult” simply because they move through the material too quickly or don’t present it well. You may leave a class without understanding a single concept, and be totally unready for the upcoming test. If you find yourself struggling, get an online tutor as soon as possible.

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