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The Online Homework Industry as we see it

Back when we started in 2010, the internet had very few many sites that were offering the connection between the tutors that wanted to help people with their work, and the people seeking tutors to help with their Homework.

Nowadays, a simple search will find you a plenitude of sites that offer these services. It continues to be a growing industry, especially since higher institutions like Universities and Colleges still do not take plagiarism as seriously as they should. In fact, their plagiarism starts when the paper is submitted to them, and not before where it should also be looked upon. What this means is that they don’t really care who did the work, so long as the work doesn’t plagiarise others.

Which begs the question: If purchasing shoes makes a person run faster when you’re running barefoot, what’s wrong with you buying a pair of shoes to help you along the way too? If institutions aren’t taking it seriously, why should you?

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