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Project Summary: Introduction Course Overview, Chapter 1: Effective Managers Understand Organizational Behavior Chapter 2: National and Organizational Culture **Blackboard Chpt. 1 Discussion pg. 8-9 The multidisciplinary views of OB & pg. 12-14 Chpt. 2 Discussion pg.49-51 Mentoring Chapter Assignments: 1 & 2 Outlines Post Completed assignment to Bb link Chapter 1 Discussion Discussion pg. 8-9 The multidisciplinary views of OB & pg. 12-14 Try to answer the questions that are mentioned from the 6 points on pg. 8 & use Exhibit 1-1 from pg. 9 to help support the position you take while explaining your ideas for each of the 6 points. The box on pg. 12 talks of 8 points/areas for Ways to Improve Effectiveness share an example of when you have encountered the successful use of these 8, or the not so successful use of them (without being too specific as to harm any of the other participants that may have shared in the situation). On pages 12 14 there are 6 more points that are often used to evaluate effectiveness. After reading through these pages, and about the 6 points; share your viewpoint, importance, and understanding of each one and its usefulness within an organization. 4 4 4 Chapter 2 Discussion Discussion pg.49-51 Mentoring On page 51, Exhibit 2.9 hares The Phases of The Mentor Relationship; share and talk about a time when you were mentored. Or, a time when you had mentored another. Use each of the phases within your discussion and how they were useful, or not Reflect also and use the information in the Black box with Tips for Successful Mentoring on pg. 49