Frequently asked questions are below. If none of these questions address your problem, please contact us.

What is HomeworkForYou?

HomeworkForYou is a service that allows you to post homework and get someone to do it for you. You can learn more about how it works at the How It Works page.

How much does HomeworkForYou cost?

It is free for users to access the website, post homework, and find it. When a bid for doing the homework is accepted, the money for the bid is moved from the poster's account and placed into a holding account for the duration of the project's completion with a 25% fee placed on the transaction. When the poster is satisfied with the homework that has been done, he/she releases the money from escrow and it is awarded to the person that did the homework.

Can I pay with something other than Paypal?

Not currenly. As the site progresses and we find demand for other forms of payment, this may change.

How do I know who did my homework?

HomeworkForYou is anonymous, however, you will be able to choose who does your homework an review this person's feedback to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable source.

I'm not happy with the homework that was done for me. What can I do?

It is highly recommended that you attempt to resolve the dispute with the person directly. If that cannot be done, you can contact us to file a dispute claim. We will investigate it and take appropriate action.

Can people use this service to plagiarize?

Like most websites that make it easier to do something, HomeworkForYou can be used both responsibly and irresponsibly. For many students with no alternatives to get a homework assignment done, the assistance of a real person is a valuable resource that can dramatically assist the student's ability to learn. Often, by seeing the details of how a solution to a problem is constructed, a student is able to learn the material that would otherwise not be possible to master. By this path, HomeworkForYou can clearly be used as a utility that benefits all parties involved in an ethical, healthy manner.

There may be students that choose to use completed homework and submit it pretending to be their own. This is plagiarism and is neither supported nor condoned by us. We ask that students use this service responsibly for the benefit of all parties involved by not plagiarizing.

For answers to all other questions, please contact us.