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Project Summary: The policy decision-making process is dependent upon wise leaders and engaged organizational members. Policy initiatives and implementation are predicated upon collaboration, communication, transparency, and trust between the leader and the organizational professionals. The linked article below Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workforce discusses employee work engagement/energy/and dedication etc. Please read the article and then refer to page 7 which outlines eleven (11) recommended practices for moving the organization to affectively accomplish positive outcomes. Such engagement is essential for policy ideas and eventual implementation to occur. Assignment Of the eleven (11) posted recommended practices on page 7 you are to choose any five (5) and discuss how the selected practices may or may not be applicable to your organization in terms of how policy is developed and implemented and why. Please be reflective, specific, and substantive in your discussion. http://www.siop.org/WhitePapers/EngagementFINAL.pdf 12.29.16 The essay should not exceed eight (8) word processed, double-spaced pages with a minimum of 5 pages. The written paper must conform to APA Style Manual (6th Edition).