Date: 18/02/2017
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Project Summary: Reflection is giving serious thought and analysis to everyday practices in order to inform future decisions. As a teacher committed to growth and self-improvement, you will conduct both formal and informal reflection as a part of your routine. For this formal reflection, you will describe and analyze the ESL classes you observed. Carefully review your notes over one or two of the classes. Describe key elements of the class period. Consider the experience in regard to first language acquisition and second language acquisition (refer to class notes or the text books). Did you see any examples of the phenomenon discussed? Did the instructor base any of his or her lesson on first or second language acquisition theories? Did students' language use reflect anything discussed? Etc. Using what you have learned about first and second language acquisition (and other educational concepts), analyze the class period. Do you have any critiques? Did you see anything positive that you would implement in your future classroom? Was there anything you struggle to explain or justify? Etc. This reflection should be approximately 3 pages in length (750 words). Follow APA format (double spaced, 12 pt. Courier or Times New Roman font, etc.). # Read the two JOURNALS before you write the reflection.