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Project Summary: Multivariate Analysis This course has covered several univariate and bivariate statistical tests commonly used in social science research. However, other tests are available that may be specific to your discipline or to your line of research. This Discussion will introduce you to multivariate statistical tests--tests not covered in this course. To prepare for this Discussion: Review and familiarize yourself with the course texts for statistical tests not addressed in this course. Review the handout `Multivariate Analysis: An Introduction` located in the Learning Resources. The handout contains an explanation of some multivariate statistical tests and examples of research studies that used them. Based on what you have learned in this course and from the handout, when is multivariate analysis appropriate for a quantitative study and when is univariate or bivariate analysis more appropriate? Consider whether one of the statistical tests described in the handout might be useful for your own research purposes. With these thoughts in mind: Provide a 3- to 4-paragraph explanation of when multivariate analysis is appropriate for a quantitative study. Conclude your posting by describing your personal interests in one of the multivariate statistical tests and its potential usefulness to you in future research.