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Project Summary: BRIEFING THE CASE ASSIGNMENT Students will begin the assignment by identifying a controversial area of the law. For example, a student may be frustrated with the high verdicts that the individuals receive in personal injury cases, where the individuals contributed to their own injuries. The student may do some research and discover the McDonalds case where an elderly woman spilled hot coffee on herself, received third degree burns and sued McDonalds. The student would then locate the McDonalds case and write a brief of the case. Essentially, this means the student will break the case down into parts consisting of the rule of law, relevant facts, decision and reasoning. We will explore how to break down a case and write a brief during lecture. Students must choose either a California or a U.S. Supreme Court case. You should choose a case that is not too old. Cases should have been decided after 1980. it should be 2 pages until Tuesday 11:00am...single space...