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Project Summary: NEED ASAP: 5-6 PGS BY 12:00AM CST ON 2/9- CAN NEGOTIATE TIME IN BIDDING Qualitative Research Summary Project one is the analysis of qualitative research. Select a qualitative research study of interest to you and analyze it using the following guide. At a minimum, the bulleted information must be included in your analysis. Be sure to see the rubric for paper requirements Be certain to summarize and paraphrase, because the paper must be submitted to Turnitin.com upon completion. A match score of over 25% is considered unacceptable and will result in a zero for the project. Failure to submit to Turnitin.com will also result in a grade of zero. Paper format: 1. Introduction a. There should be consideration of how the chosen study meets the criteria for the research type. 2. Body (containing the bulleted information below) a. The problem being addressed b. The purpose of the study c. The hypothesis of the study (if there is one) or the research questions d. The methodology used e. A description of the subjects involved f. The particular instruments used g. The particular statistical or non-statistical analysis used h. The results i. Conclusions j. The particular strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study 3. Conclusion a. Personal statements about the discoveries by the student 4. Reference page using 6th edition APA format