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Project Summary: ASAP!!! American History 2 different 5 paragraph essays with thesis..... ____Topic 1: Please detail how the Cold War dominated US foreign policy from post WWII to the fall of the Soviet Union. Please use specific historical examples and use detailed explanations. ____Topic 2: Please analyze FDR's New Deal in respect to how it effectively dealt with the economic problems of the New Deal. Also, what lasting legacy has the New Deal left on the American landscape in respects to governmental programs and government's roles in citizen's lives? ____Rubric:The long essay would be a traditional essay that typically five paragraphs long. The first paragraph should introduce the topic and state the student's position / answer to the question. It should contain between three-five (3-5) complete sentences, including the thesis statement for the essay. The second, third, and fourth paragraphs are the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should contain between three-five (3-5) sentences, including the topic sentence (first sentence of the body paragraph, states a main point that supports the thesis) and at least two-three (2-3) specific examples per main point. The fifth and final paragraph should begin with a restatement of the thesis. It should be three-five (3-5) complete sentences, and include a brief summary/conclusion of the student's answer to the essay question. It is essential, particularly in the survey courses, for students to provide cites and footnotes for their work in untimed exams. Citations must adhere to the Chicago Style format but perfection is not expected. An example of common citations are included on pages four and five of this edition.