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Project Summary: 2 pieces of art history - Instructions below Chapter 11 : Art through the Ages by Kleiner. TOPIC: Illuminated manuscripts become an important art form in the Early Medieval period. Choose the illustrated manuscript from chapter 11 figure 11-11 - Empeterius, the tower and scriptorium of San Salvador de Tabara, colophon of the commentary on the Apocalypse by Beatus, in your text and discuss why it is typical in subject and style of the period from which it comes. TOPIC: In an essay format and in as much detail as possible, analyze the Last Judgment relief from the west portal of the Cathedral of Saint Autun. Be sure to respond to the following: What is the subject of the relief? How is the figure of Jesus singled out from the others? Who are the other figures? How is the style of the relief typical or not of the Romanesque period? Who was the intended audience? Ultimately, what did this work communicate to Romanesque audiences?