Date: 16/07/2019
Feedback Given By: NewNew
Feedback Comment: PLEASE DO ASSIGN this person they will ask to complete the assignment then never respond back or communicate to let you know what’s going on. They never complete the assignment and Never responded back. It’s takes forever to receive a refund. I’m still waiting on a refund and I never received service or communication from the assigned person!!
Project Details
Project Status: Completed
This work has been completed by: harvardtutor
Total payment made for this project was: $20.00
Project Summary: Looking for someone that will READ the HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT that is posted!!! Looking for someone that will work with me to get the A on my assignment.!!!! Someone that can respond back and understand the assignment instructions.!!! Someone that want to follow all instructions and RUBRIC that are listed!!!! Need someone who will listed references and make sure all entries in the list of references are in alphabetical order.!!!!