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Project Summary: I have 2 pages and a half of an argument essay and need someone to complete this essay to 3 pages. using simple ideas, and avoid to use fancy words as it is for an ESL class. Try to match the grammer level of the essay or even make it little easier. I need it in 2hours. The topic of making abortion legal is one of the most controversial in the country. The two sides of the debate argue for or against the legality of abortion because it presents fundamental ethical and legal issue. For example, some people argue that mother deserves to make a choice on keeping the baby , while other people argue that a mother does not have the right to make that decision. Additionally, the legality of abortion is based on the time where life begins and whether stopping the life of a baby which is not entirely formed equals ending life. Since there are divergent views on the topic of abortion, it is crucial to consider the circumstances of each situation before making a conclusion on whether or not abortion should be legal. To begin with supporters view, they think if woman get pregnant from unplanned pregnancy they can abolish their pregnancy. They also believe that a woman should only give birth if she can comfortably raise with her financial income. With that being said, supporters view it as a problem reduction that may follow with consequences as being homeless and so for. Likewise, if a woman get pregnant from an unforeseen circumstance such as rape, she may consider to get rid of the child since it could remind her of a bad moments. Another argument for why abortion should be legalized by supporters is, many women are concerned about the consequences that could happen during the pregnancy. Therefore, they dont want to risk their lives and go through this difficult phase as it is very painful and hard to handle. Another risk of not legalizing abortion is, women will seek the service from unqualified medical clinics which possibly will increase the risk of women health. Finally, supporters of abortion argue and view abortion as a routine medical procedure that if done correctly will not harm the mother, but, give her an opportunity to take control of their body. Likewise, reproduction rights, sees abortion as not a form of contraceptive, but, a procedure that decrease the option for a potential mother. For this reasons abortion supporters contend to legalize and regulate abortion to make it more accessible to women that needs it. On the other hand, opponents of the procedure argue that abortion takes away the fundamental right to life by placing the life of a child at the mercy of his/her mother and doctors. The argument focused on the right to live. However, legalizing abortion would contradict this fundamental right. Also opponents of legalizing abortion view abortion as unethical conduct to deny a child the right to live. Alternatively, some opponents of legalizing abortion argue on religious grounds and oppose giving power to doctors to perform Gods work. Indeed, most of the major religions recognize God as the principle of giving and taking life. For this reason, they feel that giving such powers to doctors diminishes the power of God by placing this responsibility on humans. Opposers of legalizing the act further argue that the society has various mechanisms of talking care of children and therefore parents should not claim that some kids are born from unwanted pregnancies. For instance, they cite the various methods of adopting children and argue that if parents cannot take care of their children, they should put them up for adoption rather than killing them. Another argument against adoption is that it causes psychological problems to the mother and it might lead to complications later in life. Finally, the opposers of adoption argue that if it is made legal, there would be mass abortion at the expense of taxpayers with adverse effects on the society (Stark). In conclusion, both sides of the divide raise valid concerns on the issue of abortion. However, it is crucial to analyze each case of a requested abortion to understand the circumstances. For this reason, there should be sufficient regulation to monitor all applications of abortion instead of issuing a total ban, which will lead to unregulated abortions. Works Cited Fried, Marlene Gerber. "Reproductive Rights Activism in the Post-Roe Era." American Journal of Public Health 103.1 (2013): 10-14. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Nov. 2016. Lott Jr., John R., and John Whitley. "Abortion and Crime: Unwanted Children and Out-Of-Wedlock Births." Economic Inquiry45.2 (2007): 304-324. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Nov. 2016. Stark, Paul. "Why Ipas Is Wrong To Say Legalizing Abortion Worldwide Would Save Lives." National Right to Life News (2014): 25. Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Nov. 2016.