Date: 07/10/2019
Feedback Given By: sam1986
Feedback Comment: rude, unprofessional and upset that I asked for revisions, accused me of not wanting to pay, sorry but if you would of not messed my citations up I would of payed faster, ill be lucky if she doesn't flunk me because of him not following instructions I wont ever use this company again second time ive received inadequate work
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Total payment made for this project was: $40.00
Project Summary: 900 to 1100 words- not counting works cited Must follow directions to a tee Must include at least 3 schloarly journals she prefers us to use our library database through our college. Mla format Intro must be unbiased with a claim that states both sides 3 body para 1 positve point 1 againt point 1 netral point Conclusion is where u can finally say i am for free college for everyone in the united states. I will not release funds until it is excatly as the instructions state and perfect grammer and sentence structure. Please do the whole assignment as stated