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Project Summary: Create an annotated bibliography 150 words On HAARP 1. Who is the "major player" in the article or video. Name that person and tell me what he/she does for a living and why they are an authority. If they are not an authority and they are someone just repeating another person's story, tell me the name of the secondary source. In other words, I need a name of the person making the claim in the article. 2. Provide the audience this article is intended for as well as the voice and tone of the article. 3. Tell me what the article mainly focuses on as well as the relevance of the information in relation to our society in general. (Why is this information important?) 4. Is this a peer reviewed article? Who published this article? Is it self-published or published by a credible party? 5. Why do you think this article/website has authority? Explain your answer in this annotation.