Date: 04/05/2020
Feedback Given By: pricerbear
Feedback Comment: I would definitely recommend Ritchy to anybody who needs homework help. I needed help with a photography test/assignment and he was super nice, worked efficiently, got my work done really quickly, and I would recommend to just about anybody. :) It was awesome!!!! Thank you again for your wonderful cooperation Ritchy.
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Project Status: Completed
This work has been completed by: ritchy
Total payment made for this project was: $15.07
Project Summary: Take a photogrpahy Test. It is my final but it is online and open note, however I seemed to have lost my notes from when I took some at the beggining of semester. I seem to really be struggling on this and don't remember my teacher going over any of this. This is due between 8am to 10am of monday morning. I really need a good grade on this so it can help boost my grade in photography. Please do your best, must appriected. Please Use Canvas to submit your final Written FINAL Exam: (MAY 4, 2020 at 8:00am) (20%) UPDATED April 29, 2002. FINAL EXAM. IT IS DUE BY 10:00 am MAY 4, 2020. It is open book open notes. Please attempt to use Google Docs, MS Word possibly so you can HIGHLIGHT your answer. Just make sure I can figure out easily your answer by circle, marking, highlighting etc. You can submit on canvas as doc or pdf.