Date: 27/01/2021
Feedback Given By: melissabhukhan
Feedback Comment: This was the WORST PERSON TO USE. He took on the role of completing this assignment (seeing the due date and TIME in the title) and decided to take it. I was messaging him profusely, asking him to complete the assignment on time, which I was never responded to. Then, I read his bio and didn't see anything about finance. I was worried and messaged him again (4 messages now nothing responded) and he just replied "I'm a finance guru". As the due time was approaching closer, I kept messaging him his eta on the assignment. NO RESPONSE. I messaged him over and over again until I finally canceled the assignment because the time had passed. AS SOON AS I CANCELLED THE ASSIGNMENT, he messaged me FOR OVER TWO HOURS, saying that "I ruined his credit rating" "Why did I do this to him" "He's going to call my school". He kept threatening to "call the school" but he didn't provide any work? He ONLY completed the work at 8pm when he lied and said it was done by 6pm. STAY AWAY FROM HIM! DO NOT USE HIM.
Project Details
Project Status: Completed
This work has been completed by: ritchy
Total payment made for this project was: $151.44
Project Summary: Need someone to do my assignment ASAP, DUE AT 6PM!