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Project Summary: Students will write a 6-page paper on a social problem, target population or practice setting from a micro perspective. Students will research a social problem in terms of its history, current scope of the problem, issues involved in providing human services to the target population, and a description of how human services professionals are involved in working with this population or in the practice setting. Students will also describe current human service delivery systems that are available (locally) to address the issue. Students may choose any of the client populations/social problems explored in this course. Examples of appropriate social problems/populations/practice settings: Child Abuse, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, AIDS/HIV, Child Welfare, Rural Poverty, Victim Advocacy, Homelessness, Elder Abuse, Refugees, Mentally Ill Prisoners, Persons with Disabilities, Immigrant Populations, Hospice, and/or Ethnic Minority Populations.