Date: 15/04/2021
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Project Summary: I need someone to write me a mock letter for my government class. I attached a document of a questionary of what the letter needs to include. Letter Organization: Start out by putting the date on the letter. Then put the address of your selected U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative. Start the letter with the proper salutation (Example: Dear Senator (Last name) or Representative (Last name). Make sure to clearly state the reason for your concern for the issue in your letter. Make sure that you fulfill the criteria listed at the beginning of this handout. Make sure to point out your relationship to the legislator, for example, if you are their constituent. At the end of the letter, place your name, signature and address. Format: 12-point Times New Roman Single spaced Minimum 1000 words, maximum 1100 words At the bottom of your letter you should include your name and city.