Date: 24/04/2021
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Project Summary: write a summary ( 2 Page) discuss and include he following prompts. Short article is provided from NY times. Write 1-3 sentences for each of the 4 prompts: 1. What is your microbiome? 2. Does it seem better or worse if your microbiome changes as you age? Why? 3. How do fiber and mucus relate to this? 4. How would you use this knowledge to improve medical treatments? Full credit Partial credit No credit 50 points - high quality 25 points - ok quality 0 points - bad quality 25 points - full length 15 points - missing any point 0 points - missing 2 or more points 25 points - on time 15 points - received within 1 week after due date 0 points - handed in after this time period