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Project Summary: RESEARCH PAPER - NEW YORK CITY SCHOOL LUNCHES. THE RESEARCH PAPER IS AIMED MORE INTO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. THE PAPER SHOULD BE APA FORMAT!!! FEW EXTRA INFO: One of the things that New York City wants to improve is its citizens health. the most important individuals are the City's children. The rate of overwheight amongst high schools in New York City has decreased over the years and the school lunches were a major contributor. The large amounts of foods from the cafeteria and the vending machines filled with unhealthy snacks have for the most part been eliminated, with the latter seemed to remain intact. Although there have been changes in school lunches to become a healthier part of their diet, these programs do not seem to work either. Instead of creating a better distribution of calories during the meals, the schools are instead cutting down the same meals they have used before but they are now less `fattening`. With calories being cut down, the students are now in school hungry and with less energy to focus on classes. they are left with no choice but to look for other alternatives such as vending machines. we want to know if there are any difference between public, catholic and private schools and see if any of them are meeting the USDA standards. Let's move is a campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States. The campaign was started byfirst lady Michelle Obama. She indicated that by opening let's move campaign City's children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight. She though let's move program would encourage healthier food in school and more physical activity for children. This act not only required the removal of snack food, but public, catholic and even private school were limited the calorie intake of students. And while they are in class, they are concentrating with empty stomach. Many parents did not like the idea of let's move act.