Date: 24/09/2022
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Feedback Comment: Awesome work.... Work was completed when asked and without any errors. Will work with again in the near future.
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Project Summary: So this week I struggled a lot. The plugging in of numbers became very tricky as I was skipping an X to help solve for the 3.4 HW questions. Question 12 gave me the most trouble for the assignment. EX: By 2016​, the money spent on Internet advertising in a country was projected to exceed the amount spent on TV advertising. If it is estimated that 0.6 billion dollars more will be spent on Internet advertising in 2016 and the total amount spent on Internet and TV advertising is expected to be​ $170 ​billion, find the amount of money projected to be spent on each medium. I was reading this and had thought, okay, if 0.6 billion dollars will be spent on advertising and the total amount spent on the internet is expected to be 170 billion. I was writing the equation as x plus 0.6 b i l l i o n equals 170 b i l l i o n which is obviously incorrect because it is missing the 2nd x to represent something to solve the equation. Any advice you can give to help me read this more clearly would be