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Project Summary: Report - 3000 words For this assignment, you are required to select any company from the list given below (Focus only on their UK operations) and perform the following tasks. 1. Aldi 2. Asda 3. Lidl 4. Tesco 5. Sainsburys 6. Morrisons 1. Discuss the impact of external environmental factors on your chosen using PESTEL analysis for chosen business. (approx. 500 words) 2. Recommend a suitable leadership style from leadership styles that according to you will help them achieve their business objectives. Justify your choice using appropriate literature and examples. (approx. 750 words) 3. Critically comment on their Corporate Social Responsibilities in the processes using evidence from your research. (approx. 750 word) 4. In your opinion what are the effects of Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021 on your chosen business and how the business addressed the situation. (approx. 750 words) (Introduction and conclusion – approx. 250 words)