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Project Summary: Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie left her home in Nigeria to attend college in the United States. "The Danger of Single Story" is a speech Adichie gave in 2009. It examines how we fail to grant each other a full dimensionality when we define one another in "a single story." Think about how this concept relates to The Scarlet Letter. Consider your own life and write a personal narrative about a time when you experienced less than full dimensionality and what you learned from the experience. The essay should mention the concept of "less than full dimensionality" and there should be no question about how the personal experience demonstrates this concept and connects to our lesson contents and Adichie's video story. Add supporting detail from The Scarlet Letter and the TED Talk in the essay, and cite the sources. The narrative should be 1-2 pages double spaced, use essay structure, and be in MLA format. Word or PDF file format is required.