Date: 03/05/2023
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Feedback Comment: great network/computer tutor!
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Project Summary: Using Cisco Packet Tracer create a 4 router, 4 switch, 8 PC network. Use IP address (class c) to create a table for the 7 subnets required for this network and in that table show the following: IP address (Network ID), Broadcast Address, Usable Address, Subnetmask use this information to impalement into this network. Everything must be able to ping to each other from the beginning to the end and in between. In Cisco Packet Tracer, please label everything and list all IP addresses. See attached Cisco Packet Tracer project layout for an example of how it should look like (input your own work) (my file version is See attached example table for how it should look like (input your own work). This is due 5/6/23 Saturday.