Date: 30/04/2015
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Project Summary: I NEED ONLY 2 PAGES REASRCH PAPER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! ITS DUE IN 3 houres from now!! Please write 1 to 2 pages (between 650 and 700 words as a minimum) research paper explaining the topic of your choice from the following list of topics .Pictures, graphs, and handwritten examples are not included in overall length of the paper. Be sure to include an opening and closing paragraph. The paper must be typed, double spaced, and 12 point font (Due date is by 04.30.15 at 11.00 P.M.). Grading Rubric: 1. A cover page that includes only the exact research paper topic (from the following topics) and your name- 20 points 2. Length- 40 points. 3. Detail of explanation- 40 points. 4. Accuracy of explanation- 50 points. 5. Examples- 30 points 6. Reference(s)/Work cited- 20 points Total Grade: 200 points Topics: Choose ONLY ONE TOPIC to write about! 1. Distinguish the short run form the long run. Generally, what causes cost of production to vary with output in the short run? What generally causes costs of production to vary in the long run? Explain. 2.Distinguish economies and diseconomies of scale. How can the extent to which economies and diseconomies of scale explain the size and number of real world firm in an industry?