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Project Summary: weekly report! For this last Weekly Report, this topic is about something that effects all of us, mainly medicine. In a recent study from Harvard, it has been found that Americans are doubling up their prescriptions in order to reduce obesity (or weight gain). This weekly report is more or less an encapsulation of all of what we've covered because... 1. You will describe what was found in the report. 2. Talk about the causes and effects for obesity (this may require a little research) 3. Comparing/Contrasting the results that were found in the medical records 4. Persuade me to believe that prescriptions do/do not cause obesity. This is a challenging one I'll admit, but think of how far you have come in regards to your writing skills! Since this is the last weekly report, I would possibly practice and write up/type a draft and take it to the Math and Writing Center. The tutors are great and will help you (and it's free, so you can't beat that) As always, please remember that these are handwritten and cannot be more than two double spaced pages (if at all possible, so that I can grade it easier). Also, any ideas that are copied from another source, or written by another person, will not count. Good Luck! The original article can be found here http://www.voanews.com/content/prescription-drug-use-rises-study-finds/3036077.html (Note: You may have to copy and paste it into a separate window)