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Project Summary: 1270 Project 3: Drama Essay Minimum length: 3.5 pages Assignment: Select one of the plays we read for class. Identify, justify, and explain the plays central themes, motifs, messages, and morals. Analyze the way in which the plays structure, characters, and settings contribute to the development of those things. You may incorporate outside sources to augment your analysis, but that is neither necessary nor the aim of this essay. Regardless of whether you use a source besides our textbook, everything must be documented correctly according to standards of MLA citation. Evaluating the Essay (100 points total): Each essay will be graded according to the following rubric. Each of these will be discussed in class and examples of what not to do will be addressed there. 10 points for both bringing a sufficient draft to peer review and putting in work on others essays. 10 points for an updated draft and conference performance. 10 points for a general sense of understanding of the material demonstrated in the essay. 15 points for the maintenance of formal writing conventions and an appropriate relationship with the audience. This is largely maintaining a neutral, academic tone. 10 points for proper documentation of sources. This is largely citation. 30 points for the development and depth of explanation/argument provided for claims. This is largely the content and thoroughness of our arguments. 15 points for cosmetic performance--free of formal errors and using felicitous language. The plays name (Sophocles " Oedipus the King ") and (Shakespeare "Hamlet") * I need it by today + I will add $5-7 bonus if you can provide me with a 1st draft