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Project Summary: 1270 Project 4: Expanded Research Essay Minimum length: 6 pages Assignment: Select one of the three essays you wrote this semester for this class and expand it to include an explanation of how the things you wrote about interacted with an audience and culture contemporary to the works publication and how that compares/contrasts with multiple modern audiences and cultures that still deal with that subject matter and that literary work. The focus here is on making the essay historically representative of the literary works evolving meaning and influence. *You must incorporate at least two scholarly sources in this expansion. * I will attach the essays Notes:- Draft 1: Canceled. Use this time to work on your essays. Only one draft will be required on this project. Draft 2: at least 5 pages, full works cited required, must deal with cultural/historical relativism to some degree. Final: at least 6 pages, 4 sources required (2 of which must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles), full works cited required, and dealin with cultural/historical relativism coherently and completely for your project. This has the overall effect of reducing the final page count by 1 and removing the scholarly requirement on 2 sources, while also giving more clear requirements for the drafts.