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Project Summary: Exercise 1: There are many advantages to advertising on cable TV including the opportunity for narrowcasting or reaching a very specialized target market. Select a cable network from the list shown in Figure 11-4 do some research to understand who the target audience is. You can use thevab.com or other sources. Using the information provided, discuss the target audience reached by this network, the programming on it , and the types of companies that might choose to use it as part of their television advertising media plan. Watch the network and discuss the types of commercials used by the advertisers with respect to factors such as creative style and execution, length and format. Do the commercials appear to differ from those found on the major networks? If so, in what ways? Exercise 2: Choose a specific consumer or business magazine and analyze it as an advertising media vehicle. Your report should include an analysis of the following: The target audience for the magazine in terms of both demographics and life style of the readers it attracts. The percentage of the magazines pages devoted to advertising versus editorial content. Is there a clutter problem in the magazine? A breakdown of the types of products and services advertised in the magazine. Why do you think these advertisers are attracted to this particular publication? An analysis of the editorial climate and mood created by the publication and how it affects who chooses to advertise in it. How might the editorial climate of the magazine affect readers processing of the advertisements? How the magazine positions itself as a media vehicle to potential advertisers notes: 1) for Q1 you have to visit the website that with the Q and than answer it please. 2) for Q2 please give me the answers for each questions separate and be specific not as essay answer. I prefer a Fashion Magazine like Teen Vogue. 3) 2 pages as a Maximum 4) write it by your own words ( no copy and paste please ) 5) each page for $10 which the total going to be $20. Thank you