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I am a very experienced tutor with a four-years working experience. I have always received positive reputation from my clients all over the world. I uphold a high degree of integrity and provide timely services of high quality, well formatted and proof read which are also free from plagiarism. I am very understanding and always feels good to work for and retain my clients. My areas of expertise are Theology, Philosophy, Applied Sciences, Political Science, Psychology, Business, Economics, Education, English and General assignments. I am a talented thinker and very quick problem solver with very minimal chances of error. Try my services, and never shall you regret. Welcome ALL.

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05/04/2017 Human Resources Management Research $30 27 Live
05/05/2017 Essay Research paper $20 24 Live
05/05/2017 4-Analyaze Issues of Internal/External Equity $20 14 Live
05/12/2017 5-Evaluate the role of performance measures $20 13 Live
05/12/2017 6-Explore Executive Compensation $20 13 Live
05/19/2017 7-ANALYZE Globalization $20 17 Live
05/10/2017 research paper on human right violation in Haiti $25 25 Live
05/03/2017 i have a research argument papers, for 10 pages. i $25 18 Live
April 23rd Describe your job. What skills are necessary to acc $100 18 Live
4/28/2017 15 Page essay on anything that has to do with super $15 14 Live
04/30/2017 The research paper for this course will be chosen f $20 10 Live
04/28/2017 I need someone to write an essay about 1000 words. $15 10 Live
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05/01/2017 Given the assigned schedule, the due date for submi $40 7 Live
04/29/2017 I need someone to write an essay about 1000 words. $15 6 Live
05/01/2017 20 pages research on Research and discuss the impac $120 19 Live
05/01/2017 write a 10 page paper on a topic of your choice. T $40 20 Live
05/01/2017 For this extra credit assignment, please submit a 4 $25 6 Live
04/30/2017 Assignment Directions In an MLA typed double-space $15 10 Live
04/29/2017 Watch 2 videos and answer a few questions. NO plagi $15 6 Live
04/29/2017 Final Business Law $40 7 Live
05/02/2017 Book review on Jensens Citizens of the Empire book. $20 5 Live
04/30/2017 I need someone to write a lab report for an electri $15 3 Live
04/29/2017 Paper format: APA, No. of pages: 5, Spacing: Do $250 10 Live
04/29/2017 Paper format: MLA, No. of pages: 6, Spacing: Do $300 13 Live
04/30/2017 Need an five paragraph essay done on Othello, topic $20 9 Live
05/04/2017 Research Paper Requirements: 1. The topic $40 10 Live
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05/03/2017 Please look at the attachment and see all requirem Assigned
05/05/2016 this is part 3 of a 3 part assignment. see attachme Assigned
08/18/2016 Focus on a manageable problem or issue, such as imm Assigned
10/06/2016 I have a paper to be revised. I've already received Assigned
10/16/2016 Choose one personality test from Myers-Briggs perso Assigned
10/16/2016 Hello, can anybody help me do this two homework? Co Assigned
11/02/2016 I have case study with breast cancer. needs to be i Assigned