20 On-Campus Jobs to Boost Your Resume

During college life, students have to work part-time to meet their basic needs and also to set aside money for unexpected expenses. Turns out, there are lucrative jobs hiding on every college campus that provide beneficial career experience. The main advantage of an on-campus job is that it is a short distance from classrooms and dorms to the workplace. It will save plenty of time later on. Furthermore, college staff will always understand students’ problems and grant enough time to complete an urgent assignment or coursework.

There are some ordinary positions like a welcome desk ambassador or college tour guide, but the 20 jobs listed below are pretty common and can heighten students’ skills while making a little cash.

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Top 5 Ways to Balance School and Work

What is the most valuable resource for college students? It’s time of course. Sometimes it feels that it just flies by and students wonder where all of the time went. It affects working students especially. In fact, 72% of college students combine education and work throughout the school year, 20% of whom work full-time, according to a 2014 study by the U.S. Census Bureau. Time management is a common problem for any college student and the way how to plan and manage it is a special art. Take a look at these 5 time management strategies to do your best at college, find moments to relax and make some money on the side.

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6 Creative Things Students Should Do Over Summer Break

1. Take a summer course

If you consider education a significant investment for your future carrier, than one of the best ways to spend your summer break is to take academic course at another college or university. Do you know that you are able to complete a four year degree in three years? Many students take summer courses and save on their expenses.  But if you are going to work this summer, a better alternative might be to take an online course. You can find plenty of free, online courses on a number of topics and balance your work and education during the summer break. Moreover, there are a lot of various summer sports camps for those who want to develop their athletic skills and have fun.

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