5 Brain Stretching Teasers for Students

Let’s face: studying at a college or university is a hard work. The tension of preparing for a medium-term or completing a semester-long assignment justifies your regular study breaks. But have you realized that you return to activities that have the opposite of the desired effect? Most of students usually scroll their Facebook pages, staring absently into the screen of their laptops while taking study breaks. You might as well be doing the same way.

Isn’t it time to make your study break beneficial to your work routine? You will not miss anything important on your social networks and you will get enough time to relax and concentrate withal. Therefore make an effort to unplug from your social media world courageously and get a breath of fresh air, make some exercises, meditate or do brainteasers.

Beyond belief puzzles and brainteasers can strengthen cognitive skills in students of all ages. In order to resolve teasers, students train their brain by reading and thinking carefully. In other words, it helps them to become creative problem-solvers.

A study break is not an invitation to completely turn off your brain. Attempt to keep your mind engaged, when you take time off from notes and textbooks. Let’s try to stretch your brain by 5 brainteasers which we collected especially for you.


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The Best Music for Studying and Concentration

Each college student knows many factors can influence on his or her productivity while studying. No doubt that the most important one is to create an effective comfortable environment around themselves. However, for some students it’s a torture to be in a quiet room without distractions when they study. This kind of atmosphere is able to make students end up struggling with boredom and succumbing to the allure of napping on their books. Choosing the right type of music can lead to more conscientious studying, motivate to stay focused and not be distracted by little things. Besides that it relieves stress and reduce anxiety insensibly.

Dennis Kuo is a very talented Taiwanese-American musician and compositor who’s channel has become the most popular Study Music Project on YouTube. Listening to his relaxing, instrumental background music can help college students to study and concentrate easily on their assignments. The videos are accompanied by a collection of amusing handwritten and illustrated artworks, which can refresh their minds during a study break.

4 Hour Study Music by Dennis Kuo

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8 Business Books for Your Summer Reading List

Continuing our efforts to prevent you from forgetting what you’ve learnt over the summer break, we bring you a suggested reading list. If you’re heading off to business school, running your own business, climbing up the corporate ladder or just thinking to tie your career with management industry, these books will keep you on point this summer. Maybe not all of them are suited for the beach, but it will definitely bear fruit in the coming fall semester!

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10 Must-Reads for Marketing Students

Reading books is the best source of self-education. The most important and beneficial thing for students is to read the right books, which contain answers to their questions or a lot of great ideas. We highly recommend students to read the following list of books which are not only for marketing and business students, but for everyone who wants to develop their horizons and to be one step ahead of others.

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