5 Ways to Deal With a Class You Hate

Students are generally required to take a broad range of mandatory subjects, so they have to learn it whether they like it or not. It can be difficult to be inspired and motivated about completing a project when you really aren’t keen on a specific subject. Surely it’s always easier to study when you are interested in every single aspect of your course. Nevertheless, you also have to deal with a class you dislike. Here are 5 ways to aid you overcome this issue.

1.    Change Your Attitude to the Class You Dislike

Each subject you learn is valuable in some way. You may not like the subject, but if you do well in it, it’ll be a considerable investment in your resume and show you as a well-rounded person. Identifying transferable skills that you develop in one class can aid you to get ahead in other classes or in your life after graduation.

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3 Tips to Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

Perhaps you have heard that a good tactic to reduce anxiety during a public performance is to picture your audience naked. It’s obviously a myth and this strategy doesn’t work. But the fear of public speaking remains very real for a lot of college students. If this issue bothers you and you would like to get rid of butterflies in your stomach during your public speech once and forever, follow the tips listed below.

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5 Creative Ways for Effective Brainstorming Sessions

In many cases, college students worry to sound uninformed or even stupid during a brainstorming session. That’s why they avoid sharing their thoughts and ideas in public. However, there are a few ways to get originative juices flowing even from the shiest and most introverted students.

1. Brainstorm bad ideas first

A team leader plays a key role in motivating a team and achieving a comfortable and relaxed environment around. This person helps each member to become less tense or anxious and encourages them to share their thoughts freely. The best way to start out a brainstorming session is spending 10 minutes generating bad ideas. The team leader throws one out that to show everyone how to do it. No doubt, this method will aid to create a casual and playful atmosphere in any team.

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3 Effective Note-Taking Techniques for College Students

Have you noticed that you forget half the things you learned within 20 minutes after a lecture? Or that you only remember 10% of what was said during a class? Sounds terrible, isn’t it? But actually there is no reason to worry if you have note-taking skills. Believe it or not, takings notes can help you to absorb 80% of new information and refresh your mind on your notes. These skills can also aid you to stay more focused on what was being taught during the lecture and actively involved in the class. If you aren’t good at taking notes or want to develop your abilities, try these 3 effective note-taking techniques listed below.

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The Best Music for Studying and Concentration

Each college student knows many factors can influence on his or her productivity while studying. No doubt that the most important one is to create an effective comfortable environment around themselves. However, for some students it’s a torture to be in a quiet room without distractions when they study. This kind of atmosphere is able to make students end up struggling with boredom and succumbing to the allure of napping on their books. Choosing the right type of music can lead to more conscientious studying, motivate to stay focused and not be distracted by little things. Besides that it relieves stress and reduce anxiety insensibly.

Dennis Kuo is a very talented Taiwanese-American musician and compositor who’s channel has become the most popular Study Music Project on YouTube. Listening to his relaxing, instrumental background music can help college students to study and concentrate easily on their assignments. The videos are accompanied by a collection of amusing handwritten and illustrated artworks, which can refresh their minds during a study break.

4 Hour Study Music by Dennis Kuo

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